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Each spring, H100 members and their families gather in support of 20 Hillsides teen residents in Arroyo and Redwood cottages. H100 provides Easter baskets for these vulnerable youth, filled with special goodies in celebration of this season of renewal and hope. 

H100 also offers opportunities to fulfill spring break wishes for these children as we strive to restore cherished childhood memories created and shared amongst friends.

Spring Social is the perfect way to incorporate family fun with giving back to your community.

We look forward to enjoying our featured entertainment with you; we hope that you are excited for the magic that’s in store!

If you are unable to attend the event, or simply wish to show your support in anticipation, please consider a contribution TODAY. 

For $30 you could provide an ice cream social or new board games for the cottages

For $50 you could provide new pool toys or art supplies for crafting fun

For $75 you could provide a beach rental bike ride or a horseback riding experience

For $100 you could provide a yummy picnic lunch or Netflix movie snack packs filled with treats

For $150 you could provide yoga classes for meditation and relaxation during these challenging days

For $250 you could provide a reimagined camping experience right there at Hillsides for some of the teens to enjoy

For $300 you could send an entire cottage to the LA Zoo for a wildly fun afternoon

If you need more information, please contact Lisa Zabel at 323-543-2800, ext. 12229 or lzabel@hillsides.org.


$2,155 RAISED

$5,000 GOAL

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Campaign ends 03/18/2021 at 12:00 AM (EDT)