The holiday season has a special way of focusing us on what truly matters in life: our health, our loved ones, our faith, our community, our dreams for the coming year. I’m sure you can add a few things to that list.
You matter to Hillsides. You matter to the 17,000 clients we serve. You matter to our board and staff. You make a difference in your community because you support us and we cannot thank you enough for that support, particularly in such a challenging year.
Life threw us all a major curveball in 2020 and, like so many, we adjusted and focused on providing our services in the most effective and safe way possible. As you can imagine, demand for our services surged due to COVID-19. We redirected resources to help families stay connected with technology needs like iPads and Wi-Fi so that kids could continue remote learning. We helped families and young adults with rent, groceries and utility bills when they lost employment and couldn't make ends meet.
In short, we adapted, and we made these changes in the face of grave new financial realities for our organization. We are already planning to do so much more with less and we hope that you will help provide the safety net our clients so desperately need. Your gift of $50, $100, $250, $500 or more will allow Hillsides to sprinkle holiday cheer in the lives of the children, youth and families this holiday season and help them through their season of resilience.
Thank you for helping us to continue to create community and support to the young people we serve and their families -- even in the middle of a global pandemic! Your support means the world to us and so many others.
With profound gratitude,

Stacey R. Roth
Chief Executive Officer



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