Dear Friends,

This year is like no other: quarantined for months, away from family and friends
and forced to find new ways to accomplish goals has not been easy.

H100 is breaking new ground in that same way.

Due to the cancellation of our annual Farm to Table fundraiser dinner we hope you’ll still consider supporting our united mission to serve the children of Hillsides again this year.

You’ll have the opportunity to join or renew your H100 membership for the year, options to donate the cost of dinner tickets for a future discount and/or to fulfill a wish or two.

The giving gusto of this H100 family and the unique and consistent ways you always
show up for Hillsides never seems to waver, and I hope this time is no different.

I will miss seeing you. I wish it was different.

Many thanks in advance for whatever you can do at this time.


Ava Herrera
H100 Board President

Donation to Farm to Table Non-event Fundraiser 2020
$125 each ticket
To support future H100 events, receive $25 off  to a future H100 event ticket

Summer Wishes 
$500 | $250 | $100 or other donation
Raging Waters, Knotts Berry Farm, beach outings, horseback riding...

Back-to-School Backpacks 
$100 or other donation
Backpack filled with notebooks, crayons, markers, school supplies...

Christmas Wishes 
$375 | $75 or other donation
Christmas gifts, personalized stocking, bedding, board games, footballs, video games, dolls...

Spring Break Wishes 
$500 | $250 | $100 or other donation
Disneyland, Magic Mountain, bowling, movies, beach bike ride, go-kart racing, SkyZone...

Sponsor a Birthday 
$75 or other donation
Cake, ice cream, greeting card, birthday gift, birthday banner and themed paper goods

Renew or Become an H100 Member  $100  

For more information, please contact Carrie Espinoza at 323-543-2800, ext. 12221 or cespinoza@hillsides.org.