Hillsides offers trauma-informed care tips and resources for managers and supervisors in this 47-page wellness guide.

Want to nurture your staff? Create team harmony and foster an atmosphere of trust and caring? Trauma- informed care (TIC) can help.

TIC recognizes the widespread impact of trauma, integrates knowledge of trauma into treatment, and promotes the healing of families, children, and communities. TIC is beneficial to everyone because no one is immune to trauma and because the practice emphasizes self-care and awareness.

To support staff wellness and help employees build TIC into their daily routine, Hillsides has created 52 TIC tips – one for each week of the year. The tips are broken into six categories: TIC basics, managing stress, self-care, leadership, mindfulness, and community and communication.

Each tip contains four parts: a TIC concept, an elaboration, a self-reflection, and a closing remark. Each tip will only take a few minutes, and afterward your staff should feel a greater connection to each other and the work they do. Some require the use of simple props.

The tips are not in any particular order, so feel free to use whichever ones you want any time of the year. In addition, at the back of the tips is a Resources section with more information for selected TIC tips. If a TIC tip contains supplemental information, you may want to print out a copy for each staff member before you begin.

With a purchase of 10 or more TIC wellness guides, you will receive TIC pocket guides, which are an abbreviated version of 10 tips that can be found in the guide. These are available in English and Spanish.

As a trauma-informed care (TIC) agency, Hillsides is committed to practicing TIC principles and encouraging a culture of compassion to better serve our clients and our employees. This wellness guide was created by the Hillsides TIC Committee to provide managers and supervisors with the skills and tools to foster TIC within their programs. If you need another quantity that is not listed, please email Stacy Roth.