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During the evening, Manny Campos, a former resident of Hillsides, shared why the four years he spent at Hillsides were the best times in his childhood. In the past year he has been walking down memory lane and felt like he had just been at Hillsides. Having seen his father struggle with substance use addiction is something he says no child should ever see. He lost his battle with drug addiction yet his mother has been with him through everything. 

Manny describes the opportunity to live at Hillsides as "a huge blessing." Watch this video of Manny as he shares his story.

If you missed the opportunity to attend the evening or fulfill a child's summer wish from the wishing tree at the event, you can still do so by donating today. Below are some wishes that teens have expressed they would like to have. As Manny is testament to, these memories create a lasting change in the lives of those we serve. 

Magic Mountain  $340 (3 children, 1 adult)

Universal Studios   $225 (2 tickets)

SkyZone  $115 (3 children, 1 adult)

Bowling   $60 (3 children, 1 adult)

Bowling   $125 (6 children, 2 adults)

Movies Tickets $125 (6 children, 2 adults)

Aquarium   $125 (3 children, 1 adult)

Aquarium   $250 (6 children, 2 adults)

Movie Tickets   $60 (3 children, 1 adult)

If you prefer, please send your check to Hillsides Advancement Services 815 Colorado Blvd., Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90041 or call 323.543.2800, ext. 221 by July 28, 2017.






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