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$10,000 GOAL

Jumpstart the Adventure

by Weekend Adventures

We are excited to launch our second program for Weekend Adventures. Our participants have enjoyed the arts, sciences and the outdoors. Help us to continue bridging the opportunity gap for our youth.

0 2 2%
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$1,000 GOAL

Help Moab, Utah kids attend Circus Camp this summer!

by Phoenix Youth Circus Arts

PYCA will hold two 1-week sessions of circus summer camp at the city gym in Moab, Utah. Help a kid that doesn't have the resources for camp get their summer off to a fabulous start.

3 2 23%
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$1,000 GOAL

Female Veterans Need Your Support

by Integrated Recovery Foundation

Help by Serving Those Who Served For You. We are looking for 1,000 Individuals and Organizations to raise $1,000 dollars to Save Lives by funding the treatment to heal women suffering from Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

6 8 61%
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$2,000 GOAL

2018 Cheeseletes 5k - Make it Rain

by The Cheeseletes

The Cheeseletes are hosting their annual 5k in Pittsburgh this year. All proceeds will be donated to the Pennsylvania Cheese Guild and American Cheese Education Foundation, two non-profits benefiting the furthering of education in the cheese industry.

8 9 33%
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$2,747 RAISED

$5,000 GOAL

Fund the LGBTQ Veterans Float in the Utah Freedom Festival!

by Mormons Building Bridges

Be a part of history: the first LGBTQ presence in Provo Utah's July 4th Parade. Your contribution will fund our magnificent float titled "Utah Salutes Our LGBTQ Veterans: United We Stand".

8 53 55%
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$5,000 GOAL

Better Homes Create Better Futures

by Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

Spring is upon us and in this season of renewal and transformation, we are preparing to start one of our busiest building seasons. We are so grateful for your generous and loyal support!

10 1 2%
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$1,262 RAISED

$15,000 GOAL

2018 H100 Farm to Table Dinner

by Hillsides

Our annual Farm to Table dinner was spectacular! This outdoor evening with H100 members and friends was filled with innovative, local, farm-fresh cocktails and fare.

10 4 8%
Left Believers Funded

$16,813 RAISED

$20,000 GOAL

Friends & Family Fundraising Campaign

by Dance & Bmore

We have the privilege to share light with families, elders, and youth in Baltimore and beyond. The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation has given us a challenge grant that we need to raise matching funds for and we ask you, DAB Family & Friends, to help us!

10 23 84%
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$2,000 GOAL

Coo-loring Book Volume #1!

by Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions

Get your own official Palomacy coo-loring book! 28 ready-to-color pages featuring rescued pigeons & doves. Create & share your very own colorful works of art & help rescued birds at the same time!

10 30 42%
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$5,000 GOAL

"Twenty Fourteen" Campaign


Touch Kibera Foundation “Twenty Fourteen” monthly campaign drive. We are asking all of our friends and new friends to make a monthly donation of $20 or $14 dollars.

11 2 3%
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$1,196 RAISED

$1,500 GOAL


by Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Every year the Invertebrate Paleontology collection of the NHMLA mentors local community college and undergraduate students from around the Los Angeles area. We need your help to bring two of our student interns' projects to completion.

11 8 80%
Left Believers Funded

$10,020 RAISED

$15 GOAL

Region 7

by WeDidIt Demo

Our mission is to educate the benefits of eating a whole-food, plant-based diet for optimal nutrition and health, for environmental sustainability, for compassion and mindfulness.

11 2 66800%
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$2,500 GOAL

Walkie Talkies 4 Kids

by Chat with Champs

Join us in our efforts to bring a walkie talkie to every child that is hospitalized in the hematology/oncology Pediatric department. Help us spread a little fun and joy in a time when kids feel isolated, alone and trapped.

14 4 7%
Left Believers Funded

$8,964 RAISED

$500,000 GOAL

Worldwide Orphans - Champions for Change

by Worldwide Orphans

WWO believes that play holds a transformative power for both children and adults. Our trauma-informed, play-based model empowers communities to become actively invested in the growth and development of every child so both can reach their full potential.

17 123 2%
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$5,500 GOAL

North Star Quest Camp 2018

by North Star Quest Camp for Girls

At North Star Quest Camp our staff is dedicated to providing an empowering and enlightening camp for any girl who wants to go. We will never turn a camper away because they can't pay. You can help. $5,500 will pay for 10 of the camperships for 2018!

20 2 3%
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$6,885 RAISED

$50,000 GOAL


by Free Our Neighbors

Free Our Neighbors is a brand new immigration bond fund, and we are launching with a campaign to raise $50,000! Contribute today to keep families together by keeping immigrants out of detention and with their families.

21 32 14%
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$40 GOAL

HQD needs a banner for fundraisers!

by Humboldt Queer Dojo

Help us buy paint and canvas so we can make a beautiful HQD banner for our fundraisers and events!

23 0 0%
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$2,500 GOAL

Back to School

by Hillsides

While many children enjoy back-to-school shopping, there are others who don't get an opportunity to participate in this annual tradition with families. Help our children kick off the school year with the right tools to achieve academic success.

23 2 2%
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$1,000 GOAL

Female Veterans Need Your Help

by Integrated Recovery Foundation

Integrated Recovery is looking for 1,000 CrossFit boxes to raise $1,000 dollars to save lives by funding the treatment to heal women suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

25 0 0%
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$8,000 GOAL

Summer Bucket List

by Hillsides

Help send one child to a fun amusement park or sponsor the whole cottage

26 0 0%
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$5,881 RAISED

$10,000 GOAL

We're creating free videos that share the truth of the Bible!

by Educate For Life

How do we know Christianity is true? It's not by blind faith, but a RATIONAL faith based on facts and evidence. Educate For Life teaches the evidence that supports the Bible. Help us make more videos and spread the good news to more people!

30 17 59%
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$10,000 GOAL

EARLY REGISTRATION - SBT Communication Workshop, August 2018

by Saved By Typing

Keynote Speaker Darlene Hanson will be sharing advice on verbal speech as we focus on achieving independence through supported typing. Assistance will also be available to those brand new learners just beginning their journey with supported typing.

34 0 0%
Left Believers Funded

$7,329 RAISED

$1,000,000 GOAL

Friends of CMA Annual Giving

by Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and relies on the support from generous donors to continue and expand our mission of rescue, rehab and release.

37 11 1%
Left Believers Funded

$3,801 RAISED

$9,800 GOAL

Register your kids and teens with Down syndrome and their siblings for summer camp!

by Sun Camp

Kids and teens are looking forward to having fun with their Sun Camp friends! Your camp fee supports staffing, facility rental, and materials for Sun Camp, focused on developing long-term friendships.

40 6 39%
Left Believers Funded

$7,099 RAISED

$10,000 GOAL

Make This Year’s Coral Spawn Count!

by The Florida Aquarium

Florida’s Essential Animal — Coral — is Depending on You.

40 22 71%
Left Believers Funded